July 10, 2015

Track our turtles

Explore the track of “Shehyn” a leatherback sea turtle that was tracked during the 2016 nesting season. Shehyn was first encountered in Martin County in 2014 and was named for a character in Patrick Rothfuss’s series of books in the Kingkiller Chronicles. In the series, Shehyn is a fighter and teacher and we thought it was a very fitting name for  a leatherback sea turtle.

She was  tracked during the inter-nesting period using a Fastloc GPS tag developed by Wildlife Computers. This tag records GPS location, water temperature and depth and will relay data via the Argos satellite system to our team daily. Data are plotted on this interactive map as it becomes available. During the nine days at see between nests, Shehyn traveled 340 kilometers and nested approximately 34 kilometers from her previous nest.

Explore the interactive map below:

This map represents a subset of the 2,500 locations recorded for this turtle.
Tracking of leatherbacks is a collaborative project with the National Marine Fisheries Service. If you wish to access these data for a school research project or wish to collaborate with us, please do not hesitate to contact us. We share and license data using a Creative Commons license Cc.logo.circle.svg


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